Sunday, 24 January 2016

Heading to Spain for 8 Weeks

On the 4th January I left for Spain to get 8 weeks of good training to prepare for the season to come.
The first week there consisted of endurance miles, to condition my body after an easy Christmas period.

Sun rise from the villa
I planned to improve my diet massively to help get rid of my extra weight I gained over Christmas and New Year. I have found this easy over in Spain as I'm getting my own shopping and there is no unhealthy snack like at home.

Mountain top finish
After 2 weeks over here I had my first race which was 69km long with a 6km finishing climb. The race was mainly for training but I still wanted to do my best and try and get a result. I rode it very aggressively, attacking several times. With 12km to go I got away solo and gain a good gap for the final climb. Unfortunately my efforts weren't enough and I got swept up with 800m to go. Looking at my data after the race, I'm on track for this season with my numbers.

Unfortunately after another week for hard training covering 21 hours up till the Saturday the race got cancelled for the Sunday. This made for a change in training and made for another day of miles before having a little break. Within the ride I did a 15 minutes effort up Coll De Rates and my Power was considerably higher than when I did the climb flat out last year.

After living and training in Spain for 3 weeks so far, I have made some new friends and had some great laughs, this is all part of it in my opinion.
View from Coll De Rates

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