Monday, 22 February 2016

Pre-Season Prep Continues in Spain

After 3 weeks of endurance rides and an average over over 25 hours per week. I had an easy start to my 4th week in Spain with 3 easy days at the start of the week before starting my next block of training.
Unfortunately I was unable to get a start in the race on 31st January due to it getting capped at 200 riders. This messed up my training a bit due the having an easier day before and not getting the race in.
Denia Race.
Another week had gone and I started my 5 week of training. This was the first full week of structured training after 3 weeks of endurance miles and an easy week. My hours have got shorter with the intensity increasing. Once again on Sunday I didn't get to race, this time due to my own decision of not wanting to ride 30km in the rain then to wait around wet for 2 hours. Luckily I made the right decision as I found out that the race had to be abandoned due to high winds. This meant I didn't miss a days training as I was able to get out once the roads dried up.
One week on and another hard weeks training, I went to the race in Denia. I was feeling good and was in a few moves, eventually getting away solo with 20km to go, but unfortunately I got directed the wrong way as some of the organisers thought there was another lap left. I had rode about 5km before the motor bike told me, we were going the wrong way and I had to turn back. the motor bike just turned around then left me so I had to abandon. I wasn't happy!

Coll De Rates where most my efforts were done.
Week 7 was set to be a hard week with lots of effort. The training went well with all my efforts done at the power planned and some I was able to at a higher power than planned. All good for the coming season and seeing improvements each week.

That week also ended with a race where I was active through out and getting in some unsuccessful breaks. O the last lap some one attacked on a climb and I followed it by the bottom of the decent there was a group of about 8, another attack came on the next climb and 3 went clear including me. fatigue of training hard all week took its toll on me and I was unable to match the other 2 riders on the climbs and eventually got distanced. I kept riding but it wasn't enough to hold off a fast moving peleton on the fast run in and I got swept up with 3km to and finish in the bunch.
The view from the top of Calp Rock.
All you can eat ribs a must go to. But only once!
Now I'm on my final week of training before coming home to the UK. It's been a great 7 weeks so far. Its also been great meeting new people and team mates, learning new things and having good debates on the evenings.
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