Wednesday, 29 August 2018

Half way through the season

After Qinghai Lake I decided to take an easy few weeks with no structured training as my season doesn't end till December. A few days after getting home it was my birthday so I had a few nights out having fun getting drunk and living a normal life which was well needed. 
Still feeling tired after a week I took it easy on the bike before another weekend off due to going to see Liam Gallagher in Manchester. Now that was and awesome weekend, the gig was outrageous such a good experience.We managed to get right to the front of the massive 50k crowd which was surreal.
After that I started training consistently again with a 210km day out to York with the lads which was a good laugh. Another 10 days of riding happened in some fairly grim weather with a number of days been wet. I also did the local club 10 mile time trial which was the last on of the year, I managed to clock a time of 18.49 which is my 3rd best time ever and only 3 seconds off my personal best on that course. 
Now it is time to go back to China for nearly 4 weeks. I will be racing The Xingtai Grand Valley Cup Tour of Xingtai UCI 2.2 and The 9th Tour of Poyang Lake. This block will tick off 14 more race days for the year and leave me with 25 more days to do by mid December. 
Bit of a short one this month but a busy next 3 months to come!

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