Tuesday, 1 August 2017

A month in Mallorca

After just over a week off the bike recovering from what had been the hardest first half of a season I've had to date, I headed to Mallorca for a 3 week training block before starting the final part of the season.
Feeling fully recovered after the time off the bike I aimed to do a big block of training like I would do in the winter. Averaging just under 30 hours a week, the only difference to winter training was I was doing a lot more intensity during these weeks.
Sa Calobra used at least twice a week.
The first week was hard due to the massive temperature change, by the end of the week I was able to hit close to the numbers I was aiming for. By the second week I was fully use to the heat and wasn't suffering in the efforts due to the heat. Then the third and final week I was hitting the numbers I wanted for each effort fairly comfortably and consistently. Also the final week Peter came out so we went motor pacing one day which was good day, keeping the pace on all day. Riding up the climbs full gas and making me get every last bit of power out up them. This showed with getting the KOM up Coll de Femenia, putting 10 watts onto my previous best up the climb.
All in all as great training period with over 86 hours of riding, 2440km covered and 30,000m of climbing.
The day after I got back I did my local time trial to see how I was going, I managed to PB by 6 seconds which also meant I took the course record as well. This was a nice boost for the morale to see that the hard work was paying off. Then I had 2 days easy to recover before doing a race in scotland as a bit of hard training. I tried numerous time to get away and failed. Once I knew I couldn't get a decent result I just started riding hard on the front of the bunch to make it a hard day for myself and others in the race. This race was the first day of my last 4 day block before flying to Sweden. Now only 2 more days hard training before the last part of the season with the team.

Last months blog was a bit rushed and missed out the most important part which was to say a massive thank you to Ian and Annette Kelly for being kind enough to let me stay in their home for the week of national.

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