Monday, 29 August 2016

August not a great one

So I started the month with a crash which I injured my left wrist badly. Two days after my crash I did a road race as it was local to me. I got in the early move which turned out to be the winning move. during the race my wrist was giving me lots of pain but with been in the break I just put up with it and ended up coming 3rd with my team mate winning.

After this race I had a few days off to rest my wrist before going to Guyana, South America. unfortunately in this time of I got a cold and then the Guyana trip didn't go a head.

With this disappointment and with having 9 days off the bike I decided to go to Belgium for a week to race some Kermesses. With my form not so great I wasn't expecting anything in Belgium apart from getting some form back ready for 4 weeks racing in China in September.

The racing went better than I thought it would. With a DNF on the Monday I thought oh no this could be a waste but Tuesday I felt much better and got in the winning move in temperatures over 30 degrees. This race went from good to bad in about 3 laps when I started to get dehydrated due to the heat and lack of fluids. I managed to get some bottles of people helping at the side and even people in the race. I was able to get 20th this day.
Wednesday was a rest day before racing Thursday and Friday. On Thursday the Temperature was at 40 degrees luckily Sarah Hooper was there and was able to feed each lap. I got in the early move again and took 4 primes before a chase group bridged and the attacking nature of Belgium racing started again. With 3 laps to go I got into the chase group riding for 5th. Coming into the final K I attacked hoping to stay away for 5th but was passed with around 200m to go and came in 9th.
Friday was my final race before coming home on the Saturday. My legs were feeling the racing by this point and I missed the early break which ended up been the winning move of the day. Half way through the race the bunch split and I was at the wrong side of the split. After a lap or so of the bunch I was in chasing and not making an impact on the bunch in front I decided to attack and get away with a strong rider to try get across. Only 1 rider was able to come but wasn't able to work after a lap. We were catching the bunch but in the head wind the lad I was with couldn't work any more and was dropped once I was on my own I wasn't able to bridge the gap and was just riding around on my own until the race pulled me out. I got 25th in my final kermes.

Now onto China for 4 weeks.

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